Monday, June 1, 2015

Updated Syllabus

PAINTING FUNDAMENTALS WITH USING DIGITAL MEDIA  (emphasis on replicating traditional techniques)

NOTE: Assignments and homework will be tailored to individual levels of skill and familiarity with PS.


  1. To learn to use the Photoshop software with an emphasis on replicating traditional media. Using Photoshop, understand the elements of picture making and representing objects in an environment.  
  2. To be able to paint from life and show an understanding of volume, light and color.
  3. To be able to design a convincing scene with correct light logic.  
  4. Be able to draw subjects based on acute observations.
  5. Be able to interpret the structure of forms and portray them.
  6. Be able to convincingly draw the effects of light and shadow utilizing eight elements of light logic; highlight, light side, transition tone, shadow side, core of the shadow, reflected light, pit of the shadow, cast shadow.
  7. To understand when to use and then portray hard and soft edge relationships when observing subtle differences in light and shadow as it falls across form and 
  8. space. 
  9. To understand color, color temperature, local color, light sources, color harmonies and color schemes.
  10. To understand brushes, brush making and replicating traditional painting techniques, textures and effects.


Photoshop software, Tablet, Sketchbook and pencil.


In class exercises will focus on the still life and portrait to focus on value, light logic, color, textures(metal, glass, fur, etc.)  to understand the elements that make convincing volume, light and atmosphere.  


Homework will be assigned each week.  Student homework will be posted on the blog and reviewed in the following class.  Homework assignments will vary due to student level.  Exercises will range from studies: of spaces at home, of objects in an interior,  light on water, light effects on glass, painting a portrait to  designing color scripts, and narrative scenes.

RECOMMENDED READING:  James Gurney, Color and Light

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